This is my port­fo­lio. You will my design projects here. I focused main­ly on Social Design projects with the excep­tion of Shad­dowwall, being it was part of the Ghent Light Fes­ti­val it deserves a dif­fer­ent spot­light.
You will also find a page com­plete­ly focused on my Let­ter­ing and Cal­lig­ra­phy. March ’16 I start­ed spend­ing most of my free time com­mit­ting to this art and I have seen a tremen­dous growth in the qual­i­ty of the work. I will show­case a selec­tion of the best works but also show the process that goes into mak­ing the­se pieces. Also pages and pages full of alpha­bets! 

Dur­ing my time at the Indus­tri­al Design fac­ul­ty at the TU/e I became very fond of the design direc­tion Social Design. In short;
Social Design is design that focuss­es on the designer’s respon­si­bil­i­ty in soci­ety. He uses the design process to bring for­ward ‘rel­e­vant’ social change. (More about this here)

Besides my projects I real­ly enjoy putting down my thoughts about design, my vision on design and the world and not to for­get my ideas about myself to paper. I reflect on this here. I present to you my iden­ti­ty and vision on design from 2 years ago and will reflect on how that has changed in the last 2 years. 

With­out fur­ther ado, please feel free to have a browse through my web­site and let me know what you think. Con­tact can be made through email or leave  a com­ment below. Just don’t for­get: Don’t be bor­ing.